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There may be occasions when you will make your WordPress website completely unavailable to visitors for a short time. There is a simple switch in the Theme Settings that enables you to take your website offline very quickly. It can be returned to service at a later time just as easily.

To take your WordPress website temporarily offline

To make your WordPress website unavailable to visitors, replacing it with a simple message, do this:

  1. Log in to the Administrator dashboard.
  2. Click on the Paradigm Theme button in the left sidebar.
  3. There are so many configuration options that they need to be divided into separate groups or tabs. The Advanced tab should be last but one.
  4. Find where it says Maintenance Mode and click the toggle button to Enable it.
  5. Optional: Change the Message to give your visitors some explanation about why your website is unavailable.
  6. Click the Save button in the top right corner to implement the new settings:
    • The Save button will save your changes and but leave you in the theme settings.
  7. You should see a message confirming the settings have been saved.

Paradigm comes with it's own customized Site Offline page which is displayed when the site is set to Maintenace Mode within the Theme Administration. This page, /wp-content/themes/rt_paradigm_wp/maintenance.php can be easily customised with your own layout, logo and colours, so it represents a message which relates to your project.




Annual Events





In 1969, a group of 20 businessmen formed an organization to assist the St. Peter Chamber of Commerce and the City of St. Peter with the promotion of the community to potential business and industry. This group became known as the St. Peter Ambassadors. The group was very active in the community and some of their more notable accomplishments were helping to bring the Alumacraft Boat Company and Northland Ski Company to St. Peter.

Over the years the St. Peter Ambassadors have evolved and changed to accommodate the needs of the community. Always keeping in mind the main purpose of the organization: To support the St. Peter economic environment.

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Peter Ambassadors is to promote economic growth in the St. Peter community by hosting and supporting a variety of events which make St. Peter a better place to live, work and entertain.

Annual Events